Friday, April 17, 2009

New Blogs Again and Again

So many new blogs, we need to hire somebody: 

1. Iraqi Maqam is a different kind of blog, it is nerdily obsessed with classical Iraqi music, and has a well organized YouTube companion that posts on a regular basis. 

2. Khalid from Iraq goes prolific on us with five blogs, which is always bad for us indexing type people ; he seems interested in the Iraqi blogging scene (of sorts) to put up a blog commenting on the best and worst :

3. You know Salam Pax is at it again! this time Wordpress and with the oft-touted moniker: The Baghdad Blogger, blogging anew from Baghdad. He's also the first Iraqi twitterer of sorts. 

4. Noor el Qamar is written by a "young Iraqi Muslim girl living in the US", self-explanatory. 

5. Mhmd of Moo Iraq is a young Iraqi who is just experiencing his home town after living abroad for all his life, he appears to be a friend of Touta's brother. His blog is rather cynical, frank and not yer usual run of the mill. i like.


#4/17/2009 08:33:00 pm Assalam Aleikom OpenID

hey, i am a blogger based in damascus, wondering if you know any iraqi blogger based in damascus as well.

#4/18/2009 07:20:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Jeffrey


Good to see you blogging here again. With only two more weeks left at Iraqi Bloggers Central, I hope you and Khalid (Iraq Blog Updates) pick up the slack. I'm also hoping some American blogger joins you two to report on the Iraqi blogosphere from the American perspective.

Jeffrey Schuster
Iraqi Bloggers Central

P.S. From Apr. 26-30 I'm going to be doing a year-by-year overview of IBC posts and events in Iraq. It should be interesting. Stop by, even if it's only to curse me -- you know I've grown fond of those curses over the years.


#4/19/2009 12:13:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger Khalid from


Thank you for the link and also for your recent blogging activities.

#4/19/2009 01:41:00 pm Assalam Aleikom Blogger Abbas Hawazin عباس هوازن

hey razan...i can't think of any Iraqi bloggers based in Syria.

#7/01/2009 09:57:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger البرجوازي العراقي

This comment has been removed by the author.

#7/09/2009 09:26:00 am Assalam Aleikom Anonymous Watch Free Online TV Unlimited

Iraqi bloggers are very good in writing. I and the rest of the world are very appreciative of that.

#7/23/2009 10:31:00 am Assalam Aleikom Blogger Ali

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